Bronica SQ to Phase One Backs: Update

Bronica SQ to Phase One Backs: Update
Bronica SQ-A | 80mm f/2.8 Zenzanon-S | Phase One IQ260

I recently received the first "real" iteration of my design for adapting Phase One (And Mamiya/Leaf/) Digital Backs to work with the Bronica SQ Line. This one was made via CNC vs. SLS 3d Printing, and so is much stronger, more accurate, and nicer to look at too.

The image in the banner was taken with this adapter! It is not yet ready for primetime, it seems my estimation/calulation of the infitity distance was slightly off, as you can see in the above image the mountains are not quite in focus. The apdater has some slight fightment issues as well that could be contributing:

That should not be bent...

I already tweaked the design and ordered a new prototype, hopefully the final one as the CNC for a single part is rather high. For multiple a multi-part run in the future, the cost could be as low as 100-200 dollars for people who are interested - still figuring out the best way to sell a few and order all at once to reduce costs.