Phase One ... SWC(?)

Phase One ... SWC(?)
Cat intrigued!
I did not plan to line up the brands, it just happened that way.

It is very easy to handhold!‌

Okay not really sure what the name is, but inspired by the alpa TC and Arca Factum, I made the smallest technical camera frame I could. I had the design CNC'd from aluminum, tapped, and anodized it to give it a nice matte finish.

3D Model of the Frame + M65 Lens Cone
Top Down view. Sigma Fp for scale.

I mounted a Sinar 45mm lens to the frame with an adapter to an M65 thread, a cheap M65 helicoid, and a M65 to Copal 0 adapter. The M65 adapter itself is attached via 4 M4 thumb screws, letting me swap out lenses easily. At least that is the idea!


Super impressed with the results, both photographically and ergonomically!